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Room Video Conference for Microsoft Lync
  • Display RVC Series comes with different models that offer support for single or dual displays.
  • OneTouch Supports touch displays so that you can interact with the system with one touch.
  • Camera 1080p HD resolution, and 10x lossless zoom. The Camera is powered by 90-degree field of view with mechanical 260-degree pan and 130-degree tilt functionality.
  • In-Room Sharing Connect your laptop to the system and share your screen or share any content on the display.
  • AirControl Motion-based remote control that enables you to interact with the system and control both near and far cameras.
  • MobiCast Use mobile camera and mic in conference and in-room meetings.
  • Audio System High-quality Omni-directional full duplex microphone, NFC-enabled mobile pairing, Bluetooth® device connectivity with the Speakerphone.
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Lync RVC - Room Video Conference System

built for Microsoft Lync


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